• Who are we ?

    Here ye! Here ye!
    Welcome, intrepid readers, to the Occitan Super Cartoonist Group website FROGHEROS! You are about to discover our creations, us, here, just for your eyes.
    Our group gathers authors with different experiences as well as different creative universes. We meet around a mutual passion for comics during Montpellier pub nights. Here is born our collective project. With the sum of our individual strengths, we decided to work on a common theme : Super heroes! Willing to revisit and rethink this genre, popular in US, we put into it a French touch, and ask ourselves a central question : what kind of social and political changes could a superhero bring ?
    Our complementarity, our visions and various approaches add up to bring you original stories. Come in and get carried away by our singular universe! Have a good read !